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Leak-Free Roofs. 
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VADA Has Still Never Been Damaged By Wind!

VADA, LLC key personnel installed the first
active vented roof system in 1987. Since that time, our core business has been designing and installing vented roofs.

VADA Vented Roof Systems
Patented VADA Design
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Commercial roofing

why VADA Vents?

We have designed, constructed, inspected, and maintained millions of square feet of vented roofs. Some companies design vented roofs and market them. We assert that it is a completely different perspective when one designs vented roofs, markets them, and warrants the design and installation against leaks.

Beyond wind events and wind damage, there is the obvious fact that roofs protect buildings from leaks. So, do VADA vented roofs leak? They do not. By employing our unique vented roof design, we virtually eliminate flutter. No peel, no shear, no flutter; so, no pressure is transferred to the seams.

  • It is more economical to install than a mechanically attached roof

  • Patented, designed, and tested to meet high wind requirements

  • Guarantees Available: 10, 15, and 20-year terms


VADA Roofing
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Our history

Since 1987, VADA vented roof systems have been installed on large commercial industrial roofs across the United States.  We have designed watertight roofs from Seattle to Miami and countless cities and towns in between.

We found that the two existing vented roof systems at the time were perfect if all conditions were perfect - if the air seal was perfect and the roof was never punctured. The “margin of error” for the vented roof accepted norm was quite small, and a little wind infiltration would wreak havoc. As we continued to observe vented roof systems, we realized that the practice of venting the wind vortex of a building, which had been accepted for so long, was wrong. 

Hence, VADA founders coined the phrase: “Don’t Vent the Vortex.”

The VADA Vented Roof System employs our patented design. We don’t vent the vortex. Instead, we adhere to and fasten the entire ASCE7 perimeter area.  So, after decades of real-world roofing experience, this is how the VADA Vented Roof System was born (Vent Assisted Design Assembly).  We hold 3 U.S. patents on this incredible system, which has never been damaged by a wind event.  The VADA system has been installed on large commercial and industrial projects across the U.S.

Commercial roof
Industrial Roofing

Customized Roofing Design

Patented Design with High Quality Roofing Systems

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VADA Roofing
Johns Manville
Fibertite Roofing
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VADA Vented Roofs use vacuum-producing, air-moving ventilators to counter Bernoulli’s Principle. VADA’s ingenious design holds roofs on buildings. It is not only the use of VADA Vents that counters wind uplift; it is how and where we employ the vents. In third-party, independent laboratory testing, VADA Vents were shown to produce 6 times more vacuum and move 23 times more air than competing roof vents. Rapid, accelerated air movement is required to evacuate air infiltration that occurs during wind gusts quickly. Three-second gusts can devastate a roofing assembly if the air is not removed. Ph.D. engineers and aeronautical engineers have verified these tests. The science is indisputable.

Johns Manville is a 150-year-old, world-class provider of roofing solutions. JM is dedicated to providing sustainable buildings and environmentally sound products. JM products are LEED-certified. For long-term performance, look to JM for advanced capabilities in building sciences. A.C.I. utilizes JM TPO, PVC, and EPDM for critical projects.

Seaman Corporation’s FiberTite® roofs are widely regarded as the premium waterproofing layer for commercial roof systems and building assets worldwide. Their roofs are engineered to deliver industry-leading protection against fire, punctures, tears, and chemicals, allowing them to withstand hazards of wind, hail, and ponding water. With more than four decades of proven performance, these products are utilized by some of the largest corporations, serving critical facilities and segments across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.

VADA Vented Roofing Systems

Johns Manville 
20 year NDL Warranty

20 year ndl warranty

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