VADA Vented Roofs Celebrating 35 Years of Perfect Performance

VADA Has Still Never Been Damaged By Wind

Vented Roof Design

VADA, LLC key personnel installed the first
active vented roof system in 1987. Since
that time, our core business has been
designing and installing
vented roofs.

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Roof Systems have been in use for more
than 30 years.

Why VADA vents?

We have designed, constructed, inspected and maintained millions of square feet of vented roofs. Some companies design vented roofs and market them. We assert that it is a completely different perspective when one designs vented roofs, markets them, installs them and warrants the design and installation against leaks.

Beyond wind events and wind damage, there is the obvious fact that roofs protect buildings from leaks. So, do VADA vented roofs leak? They do not. By employing our unique vented roof design, we virtually eliminate flutter. No peel, no shear, no flutter; so, no pressure is transferred to the seams.

  • More economical to install than a mechanically attached roof
  • Patented, designed and tested to meet high wind requirements
  • Guarantees Available; 10, 15, and 20 year terms
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  • We are Passionate
  • Honest & Dependable
  • Always improving

What Our Customers Say

We installed a VADA Vented roof on a 120,000 SF retail building in Hattiesburg, MS. Other than making a few repairs from an F4 tornado, debris that landed on the roof, we have had no issues…. the roof works. We will continue to use VADA Vented Roofs on future roofs. T.O. Kansas
I’m pleased to tell you about our VADA Roof System that was installed. In obtaining the quote we were skeptical (due to the great price), however throughout the process to the project being complete was a breeze. On various parts of our Mall this system has been placed with no “wetness” issues or any issues for that matter. After the roof was installed, a terrible thunderstorm hit our town. Roofs were damaged everywhere. Our VADA roof was unharmed. We will continue to use this system until the building is complete!
In short, I heartily recommend VADA Roof System to anyone looking to protect their building from leaks and further structural damages. K.M. Property Manager Illinois
M-D Building Products has had the VADA System from ACI on our 500k+ square feet of flat roofs in OKC for over ten years and no failures. There have been numerous incidents of winds in excess of 75 mph across these roofs since they were installed and we have had no issues. It is Oklahoma after all. We even have photos of a small tornado that passed over the main building in 2007 and there were no issues with the roof lifting and no leaks after the event. ACI’s professional installation of this very sound system has performed well beyond our expectations and we will use it again the next time we have a roofing need. M-D Owner/Operator, Oklahoma City, OK.
In 2005, my firm had a VADA Vented roof installed on our 330,000 foot facility. In the ten years since, the roof has been trouble free. The center is just a few miles from the ocean, so we have an occasional tropical storm. The VADA roof performs as represented. The vents work! M.A. Florida
It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for VADA Vented Roofs. We installed our first VADA roof of 66,000 square feet in Nicholasville, Kentucky in 2007. The quality of this roof, and the roofs we installed that followed after this one, remain unchallenged. VADA brings over 28 years of experience, excellent consultation, outstanding service to their clients. If you want a top-quality roof that will stop the calls on roof leaks, I highly recommend using VADA Vented Roofs. C.S. Kansas
The VADA roof system installed at our 500,000 square foot Bedford, PA facility has performed very well. We have peace of mind knowing the system will handle high winds and the forces of Mother Nature. T.S. ILLINOIS
We installed a VADA system on one of our facilities. The 200,000 foot roof has been trouble free. We just had another one quoted on a similar size project. A.F. Illinois